Being great at you is what a personal brand is!

Branding With Jess


Discover your brand!

Have you started a business, but never thought about the branding? Are you wondering why you struggle with your content? Getting clear about your why will help you speak your clients language.

In this branding workshop we will learn about how to brand yourself. It’s much more than a logo and your business colors. It’s about the customers journey with you.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to up level their business, and network at the same time. You will be surrounded by other like minded individuals who are growing their business.


If your head shot is the cover of your book, then your personal branding is what’s on the inside pages of the book. 


brand clarity workshop

create the foundation for your business

Build your brand identity:

  • Define your brand message

  • Create your ideal customer profile

  • Find out how to get people to love your brand

  • Find your voice / pitch

  • Create content for your audience

  • How to use social media to gain clients