How To Network In Stockholm, Sweden


Hi there! Recently a friend of mine asked me where are good places to meet and network with others in Stockholm. She knows how much I’ve been putting myself out there to meet other people in business. And let me tell you at first it wasn’t easy to figure this out, because I’m not from Sweden, and I don’t speak great Swedish yet.

Through a lot of research, meeting other entrepreneurs and clicking on Facebook events I’ve found that there are many ways to meet other like minded entrepreneurs in Stockholm. I also noticed that when I clicked on “interested” on events in Facebook that it would eventually show me more events that were similar, which helped me find new events geared towards similar interests.

I will make a list below of places that I have been to and I hope that this will help you meet other people who can help you with your business, or just open doors for you to get into the working field here in Stockholm.

Join Hon - Connect with other professional women in Stockholm through the Hon app. My experience with this is that it’s hard to get a ticket to their events because they are always booked out. But there’s a great group of women to connect with through the app.

Mama Mötet -by Little Bear Abroad- Geared towards international women who are mothers looking for community and business. These have been fun and relaxed events. Jill comes up with different topics to talk about while living abroad as an expat.

Global Woman Club Stockholm - This is the Facebook page for the Stockholm community. Here you will mingle and meet other women business entrepreneurs. I have been to their networking breakfast at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. There are so many amazing women in this group!

HER Global Network - This is a community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection.

If you are a mother you can ask to join the HER Mama group on Facebook where they talk about motherhood and being a working mom.

Shesupp - SheSupp is about women prospering to become strong business leaders in todays society. This is a great group of women entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden. The founder Jean Gombya brings great energy to the group. She’s super sweet and inspiring!

Womingle - Womingle is an occuring event where the focus is "How Can I Help You?" and Networking amongst women. Isabelle Edlund started this group because she felt that women need to help each other. Now she has created a great network of women to meet and help one another with what they need. She is also the founder of the match making app You Via Me.

Heja Livet - It is a social network, a communication platform and a support forum, which deals with and communicates within categories such as health, career, mental illness, personal development and more. This is not in English, but they host events, and inspire other women through different topics.

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - International Women In Business by Tatiana Caldas. IWIB brings together aspiring professionals, established executives, and entrepreneurs from all industries, ages and nationalities.

Start Up Bar - A place for entrepreneurs to mingle, grab a drink and connect. They move around in different parts of Sweden. This is a very Swedish based networking group. I have gone to these events, but my Swedish isn’t very good. But don’t let that stop you from going out to meet others. There’s a great group of people here and everyone was very friendly.

American Women’s Club Stockholm - I would say this is not a huge networking group, but a great group to make friends, and connections.

The Hub Stockholm - They connect startups with talent and investors.

Impact Hub - Impact Hub is a global community of passionate people. Our coworking space is a meeting place for businesses that put people and planet first. 

Sup46 - Startup Café by SUP46 is a lounge, café, and workspace all in one. We are an open meeting place with an international touch for the startup community, networkers, students and people in need of great wifi (up to 100Gbps!) and a chair to sit on.

Pink Programming - We organize events like Sunday coding, workshops and courses in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and also camps on multiple locations in Sweden. Now I have not been to this, but I think this is a great concept for any woman or young entrepreneurs looking for a community of programers for women. How cool is this!

I hope this list helps you connect with others here in Stockholm. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but so many doors have opened up for me because I went out and met people. And Sweden is very much a word of mouth society. So go out and meet people, connect and I wish you luck on you adventures.