Who Is Your Dream Client?

Often when I consult with my clients I hear that they don’t know who they are speaking to. Or that they are just randomly sharing their thoughts in hope that someone will find them. And that’s okay! I get it you’re just starting out in business and you have an awesome idea or product.

You even think your product or service is for everyone. But it’s not!

There are few brands out there that are for everyone, but brands market to their ideal client. Your dream customer trusts you to sell them the thing that they want. When you build trust with your dream customer they will refer you to everyone. They will do your marketing for you! Wouldn’t that be great!

If you haven’t created your dream customer then download the Dream Client Workbook below. This will help you get clear on who your person is. At the end of the workbook you will have the name of your person and know everything about him or her. I hope this helps you in your business journey. I know it helped me to find my dream customer. Now you can start branding yourself and marketing your business!

If you need more help shoot me an email and I’d love to help you get more clear on your person.