Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well!

On Monday I attended the Project Bee Supportive with Bumble. The event was hosted by Baba C. Rivera Sania Claus Demina and Lisa Olsson. The topic of the event was the power of friendship, where Baba interviewed Sania and Lisa about their journey as entrepreneurs and how having support from friends helped them to forge through running a business on their own.

The event was hosted at the Marimekko store in Stockholm where you were greeted with a cold brew coffee by Mode Cold Brew Coffee and a tasty porridge by Giga Food.

At the event I met two really lovely women entrepreneurs who I think you should check out.

Alexandra Kentsdottir a film maker. She runs a business with her sister and I loved her fun and energetic personality. In fact we met for a coffee this week after meeting at the event. So if you’re in need of someone to help you create videos for your business then contact these girls!

I also met Jemina from Astrid Wild outdoor clothing. We spoke most of the morning and I learned that she is co-founder of the clothing brand. They started their business because they wanted more fashionable outdoor clothing that wasn’t boring.

In all I think the event was super nice and if you haven’t heard Bumble isn’t just for dating anymore. You can also network and make new connections through their app.

As an independent business owner I want to go to as many networking events as possible. In order to get new clients to know about me I need to put myself out there. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to go and say “hi” to a stranger, but you never know who you will meet.

Photos are taken by Sandra Bergholm